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I learned a lot from the Student Loans Guy about refinancing my business school loans for a better rate. Amazing resource, highly recommend it for anyone. Ethan C.

With twins on the way, I worried that I’d be paying off my student loans until my children were teenagers, but Student Loans Guy helped me lower my interest rates which will allow me to be debt free much sooner! Valerie G.

I used the tools and advice from Student Loans Guy to consolidate and refinance my student loans. Thank you for the helpful information and sound advice! Jim D.

Brandon Yahn, Founder and Former Student Loans Holder

Our Mission 

The average 2017 college grad owes over $37,000 on student loans, and nearly 60% of millennials say they have no clue when their student loans will be paid off.

I started Student Loans Guy to change that. Our goal is to make higher education more attainable and affordable by providing a simple and straightforward solution to help people save on their student loans. Our free personalized tool connects student loan borrowers to the right repayment plan in less than 60 seconds and lays out their next steps to get out of debt faster.

We’ll help you find scholarships while you’re in school, and connect you with refinancing options and forgiveness programs after you graduate. We hope you find the site helpful!

– Brandon Yahn, Founder and former student loans holder

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