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Brandon Yahn, Founder and former student loan holder

Founder’s Message

Helping people manage their money and their student loans has long been a passion of mine. Before starting Student Loans Guy, I built the student loans channel at Credit Karma, a company that helps people understand and improve their credit scores. I was even featured in Credit Karma advertising campaigns because of my dedication to student loans.

I started Student Loans Guy because there’s not enough being done to help people understand their student loans.  Furthermore, it’s essential for people to know their repayment options, the importance of compound interest, and how refinancing can help.

I was lucky enough to escape my undergrad at West Virginia University without any student loans by staying in-state and earning multiple scholarships. When I decided to pursue my MBA from University of California, Berkeley, I had to take on more than $40,000 in student debt. Although it made me uncomfortable, I knew it would be the right choice for my future. By planning wisely, I was able to eliminate this debt in just over two years. Unfortunately many others aren’t so lucky.

Our Mission to Help

The main message I want to share at Student Loans Guy is that you’re already on the right path by going to college and being on our site today. Take action to invest in your future and don’t pay unnecessary interest on your student loans. Start saving money now so you can become debt free and start building wealth for your future.

We’re always looking for hear from our readers, and we welcome your feedback. Share Your Story if you’re repaying your student loans, and apply for the Student Loans Guy Scholarship if you’re a current student. Let us know how else we can help and what we can do better!

You can contact me anytime at brandon@studentloansguy.com.

Brandon Yahn - Credit Karma
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